Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thursday Throwback

(Photo courtesy of Edwin Watts/Ron Watts Private Collection)

Since the KC will be taking a little hiatus tomorrow and through the weekend, I had to bring the Friday throwback out on Thursday, which actually sounds a whole hell of a lot better anyway. (I just fired my entire marketing team in a whirling blaze of glory) Anyways, I was checking out this really cool photo of Payne and I realize that it would be commonplace to see Poulter wearing this today - in fact we probably wouldn't even bat an eye. Poulter has that exact shade of blue in his new collection. Perhaps inspiration? Imagine Payne and Poulter in a Ryder Cup match; something we should all have the pleasure of experiencing, but won't. I was also amazed with this photo, because I don't remember Payne's clothing fitting him so damn well. I wish I was older so I could have watched Payne in his younger years. He could have easily looked like he moonlighted at Medieval Times, but he didn't because all this stuff fit him so precisely. He was very serious about his clothing and very interested in upholding the traditions of the game. It never hurts to have another guy like that around.


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Rene Schaller said...

his socks are so cool!!!!!!