Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Golf polos that fit

(Photo courtesy of AP/Marco Garcia)

(Photos courtesy of AP/Matt York)

The "golf shirt" got a bad name in the 90's; when I think of a bad golf shirt I think of Ian Woosnam (no offense Woozy) with his sleeves so long they're halfway down his forearm. Why do you think Tiger and every other junior golf after him began rolling or hitching their left sleeve to leave room so it wasn't pulling when they turned on the backswing? I remember as a jr. player wearing huge shirts - sometimes even XL's because they were always the sizes left over on sale at the pro shop. It looked stupid, because your pants might fit, but then you've got this giant shirt billowing out, covering your belt, getting in your way etc. But let's face it, before Tiger came out on Tour, guys also had alot more to hide under those billowy shirts. Fitness infiltrated the game and gave way to slimmer physiques and slimmer clothing.

I'm proud to say that the polos are really looking different these days. Alot of guys who 5 years and back favored bigger, roomier stuff are slimming down the fits on their polos. One guy who comes to mind is Phil, who's adopted the shirt-fit that almost all of the younger guys are sporting where the sleeve hits mid-bicep when your arms are at your sides and the body of the shirt is fairly fit to the body. You not only look more athletic, you create better lines and you can swing more freely. Alot of guys who won't switch to better fitting stuff argue that it looks so uncomfortable. To me, uncomfortable is having to adjust my damn shirt on every tee box. I want to put something nice on and forget about it for the next 4 hours. Anyways, enjoy some shots of what I feel to be perfect fitting polos. Feel free to print these babies out and take them into the shop with you. Maybe that'll get me some press.


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