Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The anatomy of 4 rounds in unpredictable weather: Camilo Villegas

Round 4
Round 3

Round 3

Round 2

Round 1
(All photos courtesy of AP/Denis Poroy)
The weather at the Buick was crazy at times, but Camilo was prepared. See if you can get some packing tips from this run-down: Round 1: blue polo, white trouser, navy sweater, white shoe. Round 2: red polo, black trouser, black vest, black shoe (+ Rainwear.) Round 3: black polo, black trouser, white vest, white sweater, white shoe. Round 4: white polo, white trouser, white sweater, white shoe.
So Camilo had 4 polos (blue, red, black and white), 2 pairs of pants (black and white) 2 sweaters (navy and white) 2 vests (black and white) 2 pairs of shoes (black and white) and raingear. Plus coordinating belt straps. (If you want to play that game - I know I do.) You could obviously drop a polo or add another sweater if you're not a vest guy, but this is a decent guide for a 4 day trip to say, Scotland.
See the KC is no math major, but preparation + style = never having to worry about anything but your score. Don't forget your clubs dumba**.

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