Monday, February 2, 2009

A mere formality

(Photos courtesy of Getty Images)

Everyone was talking about Ryan Moore this weekend in Phoenix. Moore was sans sponsors logos and waistcoated and tied up with true hipster appeal. First of all, I'm kind of shocked everyone was so taken aback by it - we've seen this look from Jesper before...and I'm even more surprised that some people had the nerve to call it "inappropriate golf attire?" Are you kidding me? You're honestly telling me that Moore doing something orginial, fun and exciting out there is inappropriate because he isn't wearing standard golf shoes, a baggy shirt and khakis? People that bitch about this stuff is why American golfers are late getting in on the fashion kick. My weigh in? It's great. I'm always talking about more elements finding their way into the male golf wardrobe and here they are...a tie and a vest (waistcoat) - simple, comfortable additions that do so much (apparently!) to diversify the course and add a little originality into a game that is coming out of 15+ years of crappy fitting clothing. Thank you Ryan. Keep in mind guys, it doesn't really matter if you, yourself, would wear this on Sunday with your regular foursome...that isn't the issue here. The issue is a guy doing something cool and different and catching sh*t for it, because he doesn't fit America's golf style profile. I can check again, but nowhere in America could you find bylaws that would get you kicked off the course for wearing what Ryan wore. Have you seen guys in Europe recently? Johan Edfors' shirt is hanging out half the time and he gets lauded for his progressiveness and designs clothing lines with Luke Wilson. Ryan gets called a f*g in chatrooms. That's fair.


Anonymous said...
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Jack Piper said...

This guy looks like Chris Pontius dressed up as a casino employee.