Friday, February 27, 2009

2 great golf shirts for different reasons

(Photos courtesy of Firdia Snawati/AP and AP Photos/Ross D Franklin)

Luke has been wearing alot of black on tour so far this year, this lavender stripe on black from Thursday is such a great combination - it really produces a rich and powerful shirt, almost regal.

It must be hotter than Hades in Bali right now - as you can see from Magnus Carlsson (right) sweating it out - but Anton Haig's shirt caught my eye for the detailing. (Not to mention the faint pinstripe on the trousers, I really like his whole look) The polo looks alot like Phil's red shirt from last week - kind of that utility polo vibe that is kind of a nice way to switch things up. I've never been opposed to throwing a chest pocket (even two, a la JL's Brantley Fieldsensor) on a golf shirt - it makes things a little more exciting.

Just a few thoughts...stay tuned for the Friday throwback.


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