Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New Lindeberg Spring 09

(All images courtesy of J.Lindeberg.com and the J. Lindeberg EU webstore)

When I woke up this morning I knew it must be Spring. The birdies were chirping, the smell of fresh cut grass wafted into my awaiting nostrils. No..not at all actually - There's two smells in New York, hot trash and cold trash. It was still cold trash this morning - not quite spring yet. But cyberspace was fooled, because as I jumped on the gmail, hiyoooo lookie there, New Spring apparel from J. Lindeberg, just for me. I know Johan is loyal to the EU and everything, but the fact that they still have shirts that are over a year old on the crappy US online store and then we get these brand spanking new sh*t on the Euro site...in Euros of course - it's just not fair. But it was still fun to browse and see what Lindeberg will be cranking out this spring for us. My first reaction was happiness to see the bright colors return after a somewhat muted mid season selection. There's some great light blues and bright reds etc. A navy Lachlan and usual black, white and natural tan offerings balance the equation out. However, as I browsed, I realized I'm really missing the Johan of old lately. The one who made neons come back in a big way. I know it's the way everything is trending, this stayed, sensible approach. But sometimes I just wish he'd make another spraypaint orange Slater belt, just because. It isn't nearly as fun watching these other guys try to emulate Johan with the neons and fail miserably. (cough, cough, Sligo....) Anyways, enjoy some of the offerings and let me know what you think, because let's face it, that comment selection isn't there for my health! You pickin' up what I'm puttin' down? Drop me a line....

To all a good night,


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why do you hate America Sean?