Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pebble Beat...

Gray and black is everywhere...
Luke last week at the Buick

Phil wins look of the week by unveiling a black BD polo, new belt and light gray trouser

Anyone for a walk off?

(All photos courtesy of AP/Jose Sanchez/Jeff Chiu)

After such a great sartorial week at the Buick, it must have been laundry day at Pebble - as all the pros looked pretty crappy. Maybe the weather played a factor and no one wanted to ruin the nice stuff. Pros were easily outshined by amateurs like JT, who looked sharp as always in his JL neutrals. Grays and blacks are HUGE on tour right now. If you haven't seen Luke Donald making it happen in grays and blacks at the Buick from last week, check out my post. And this week we've got 2 great examples of Vijay and Philly Mick doing their thing. If I had to pick a best pro look for the week it was Phil from above. I don't miss much and I'm willing to say that's a brand spankin' new snazzy white gator Phil is sporting. A first for Phil. It's great to see Phil in something besides black in the belt department. I like those big, fat House of Fleming belts Phil gets made, that thing must be 2 inches thick. Consult with your doctor (and your accountant $$) before making the move to one of those. Phil always does the gray and black thing, but that little extra switch to a bolder, brighter belt makes a huge difference in the overall look. I'd like to see Phil do something different with the shoes in the future - I know he's into the black exotic skins and I'm not asking him to take a page out of Charley Hoffman's book, but would it kill him to get something in a nice brown and white saddle? I tell you what Phil, you can get vicuna lining if you want to...I know how you roll. Mr. Subtle.


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