Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Live Blog: Memorial Skins Game

(Borrowed from AP Photo/Tom Vernon)

Villegas with another good second shot on 18. He'll have about 15 feet for birdie. Jimmy Furyk to about 17 feet. See I'm pet-naming everyone after listening to Tiger. 

Fantastic effort from the bunker on 17 for Kenny Perry. He's in for par. Jack follows it up by almost holing one for his 5. Tiger chips up close for his par. Cink misses his long birdie attempt. Hole halved. 

Up on 18 green, Furyk misses. Camilo for the win...cue the oohs and ahhs. Just missed. A "Chip Off" will be contested for the remaining skins...I love this. Tape measure is out and Paddy wins 3 skins and $23,000! All going to the First Tee. 

Last group in the fairway on 18. Nicklaus pulls his fairway wood slightly into the left bunker. Cink is in jail left off the tee and plays out to the right of the green. K.P. also misses the green. If Tiger hits the green, he may have this hole with a par. Way short out of the fairway bunker, by Tiger's assessment " sucks"

Perry is in gimme range from the bunker. 4 is looking like it might win here. Jack is firm on his attempt for his par. Cink misses right. Perry is giving it to Tiger over his par putt. Tiger makes it anyway! Never a doubt. This group will head to a chip-off as well...

Tiger! Right in the heart! Great smirk. As Nicklaus says, "Vintage Tiger."

Jack to tie..solid effort...

K.P. almost puts one in on top of Woods! (With a running fist pump no less.) Not good enough though. Tiger wins 6 skins and the First Tee bags another 37k. What a great event. Probably one of the last times we'll see Tiger and Jack tee it up together, but who knows...

Well that does it here at the KC for our first attempt at Live Blogging. How'd we do??


Chief Just-Wild-About-Harrington said...

"Tape measure is out and Paddy wins 3 skins and $23,000, all going to the First Tee."

Tough to root against a nice guy like Harrington.

Let's all jump on the Paddy wagon!

Whoa! JD's already sitting in the wagon in an all-orange outfit.

At least his pants match his shirt this time.

Chief Afterthought said...

Another Perry Expedition ends up cold.

Chief Plays-With-Hyphens said...

JD shoulda been there for that last contest off the green.

He's a chip-off the old cellblock.

Nada Klu said...

"Well that does it here at the KC for our first attempt at Live Blogging. How'd we do??"

Ton of fun, KC! Live blogging is alive and swell in Khaki Land.

I enjoy any Blogathon that doesn't beg me for money during it.

I took my phone off the hook anyway, just to play it safe.

One-Eyed Golfer said...

Great job, KC.

Your play by play compares favorably to Rizzuto.

Nada Klu said...

Too late to change your (read: the trustees) mind about May's Monocle winner, One-Eyed?

Reconsidering is a virtue.

Chief Plays With Hogans said...

I love whacking Hogans all weekend long!