Monday, June 15, 2009

gold jacket, green jacket, who gives a s@%^?

(All 2009 winners images property of Getty/Cannon Images)

Well, we certainly do at the KC... We happen to think the Brooks Brothers number that Brian Gay received on Sunday is the best looking winner's jacket out there. I mean of course we'd take Augusta's offering over all else, but when it comes to sheer wearability the blue and white seersucker is a southern/prep classic. That's Brian's second jacket-worthy Sunday performance this year. (See above photo from Hilton Head) 

The combined collection of jackets given to PGA Tour winners is not all that extensive and looks strangely like the closets of several of our fraternity brothers. You have the wild tartans of Hilton Head and the Colonial. The classic blue and gold at both Bay Hill and Quail Hollow...Of course the "Green Jacket." 

But the seersucker stands tall, not only because of the relevance of it being given in Memphis - seersucker is always part of any tradition-minded Southern gents wardrobe - but also for its unique simplicity. When I watched Justin Leonard put it on in 2008, it was easy to picture him at a backyard party somewhere, surrounded by sunshine and the careless clinking of cocktail glasses. The jacket would never be considered gaudy, always appropriate, but with a little kick. 

Yes, traditional navy blazers like those given at Bay Hill or Quail Hollow may seem sensible, but there's nothing special, nothing historically or geographically relevant about a year-round piece. When men reach for the seersucker (a safe guide is Memorial Day to Labor Day) it means warm temps, short work days and long evenings. What could be a better gift to a champion who has just displayed an enviable amount of 'cool' down the stretch than a jacket associated with comfort, ease and enjoyment. Cheers Brian. 




Nada Klu said...

Not only is seersucker my favorite fabric, but "The Seersucker Proxy" happens to be my favorite movie.

And yet, any film with Randy Newman in it rocks.

You made me wanna see it again, but I can't find it under the S's in my DVD collection. I must've listed it under the "The's." This could take a while.

So I might miss your next post or two, KC. You've got no one to blame but yourself.

Nada Klu said...

Huh. I was still searching for "The Seersucker Proxy" when my sister Naria shouted at me, "Hudsucker."

So I naturally called her some equally dirty names and continued my search.

Chalk one up for Nada.