Friday, June 5, 2009


(Images borrowed from the Associated Press)

I was watching a video segment recently where Marty Hackel from GD and David Chu (founder of Nautica/Lincs by David Chu etc.) were going through the better dressed players on Tour for 2008 and explaining why they were so effective. Marty didn't have Camilo in there, which is kind of ridiculous; although he did sub in Justin Timberlake. 

When it comes to Luke Donald, David Chu speaks of proportion. Because Luke is a shorter guy - and this is a good lesson - he compensates by wearing a more fitted shirt, shorter sleeves, a slimmer trouser. (Look at the narrow cut of the sleeves on his sweater.) A lot of shorter guys don't believe that this will make them appear taller, but it will. It will also avoid the dreaded "stumpy" appearance that I see many height-challenged guys in New York struggle with while wearing fuller cut suits. 

Luke was looking great as usual in the first round of the Memorial in RLX stripes, a bold blue pant and white FootJoys. Simple. Proportionate. Effective. It's an easy style to emulate, anyone can pull it off. (Luke's round of 64 may be a bit tougher to recreate...)  

As David Chu explains and the KC preaches, simple looks are often the best. 

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Nada Klu said...

Keeping it simple is no bulletin here, KC.

For years I've been buying all my golf attire at Simple Sales.

Wait, my sister Naria is interrupting me.

Okay, scratch that. Those were sample sales.

Color me simple.