Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Look-Alike: Matt Nagy

(Top photo from John Mummert/USGA - Bottom Photo -KC)

After a few hours at Bethpage on Tuesday, I was on a bit of a mission. I had seen everyone I wanted except Phil and Camilo and after hearing that Phil wasn't on the grounds, I was determined to at least track down the elusive Mr. Villegas. As I cruised by the clubhouse, I took a quick peek at the putting green. My eyes took in the signature military cap, the white ensemble, the dark skin; the hair seemed a bit short, but it had to be him. 

I darted over and was quickly dismayed (no offense, Matt) to find a much taller and lankier substitute. Matt Nagy (above) is a 20-year-old sophomore at Kennesaw St. University with the coolest qualifying story in the field. The 54th alternate for the sectional qualifier at Hawks Ridge in GA, he showed up and then showed up. A course record 63 on his second 18 had him sharing medalist honors with Matt Kuchar and holding a ticket to Bethpage. 

Nagy may have a few accidental fans this week given his long-distance resemblance to a certain Colombian superstar, but I have a feeling his story is what will be getting him the most attention. Best of luck, Matt. 



TXQ said...

If Nagy attracts females cuz they think he's Camilo, he's a pro with a handy cap.

zimbowes said...

haha this cracks me up as Nagy is one of my good friends and to think people might mistake him for camillo will definitely make him laugh! you should see the rest of his wardrobe!

The Khaki Crusader said...

hah i love it zimbowes

Matt Nagy said...

This is probably the best article written for me! It's extremely funny and I've read it multiple times and think the comment about the "handy cap" is hilarious. Thanks Khaki Crusader!

The Khaki Crusader said...

Anytime Matt. Glad to have you on board!