Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Gray Area

"...if you can make this stop, I'll never fly private again...I swear."

(Ogilvy photos property of Puma Golf and the Associated Press)

In a world of black rainwear, we're really liking Geoff Ogilvy's gray PUMA rainsuit today at the Open. (Top.) We also think pros should check out the Abacus rainwear featured on the KC several weeks back. Bethpage could use a little splash of color out there today. (It's getting plenty of other kinds of splashes.)

Speaking of PUMA, they've been doing some really cool things as of late. First of all, there's the Black and White Special Edition clothing that they've rolled out. You can find it on Fairway Styles. Be sure to check out the knit sweater, the 2 "Invisibonding" (PUMA's fabric fusing technology) polos and the special edition Swing Crown kicks that Ogilvy wore at the Masters. (Above.) All look clean, crisp and fantastic. 

PUMA also kept themselves on the forefront of cool with a US Open PUMA Brigade Promotion. By luring young, happenin' locals with free drinks at Stout Bar NYC, they were able to put together a group of 75 "Brigaders" - who are currently braving the elements today at Bethpage in support of Geoff and Johan Edfors. In free PUMA special edition gear of course...

You've got to set yourself apart to sell apparel these days and PUMA is keeping it progressive and different. Must be those cat-like reflexes. 

(Check out what Geoff will be wearing this week at The Apparel Wire)



TXQ said...

Someone should design a Bathpage black slicker line.

With a warning: The Bathpage black slicker is an extremely chic garment which we recommend only for highly stylish clotheshorses.

Ottawa Golf Blog said...

Love the look of the Black and White Special Edition clothing from Puma. Keep it coming Puma.