Friday, June 19, 2009

Gray Area...continued

(Photos property of the Associated Press)

I love the whole monochrome movement. All-white and all-black (the "Gary Player") looks have been a popular choice for style-minded players for the past several years on Tour. 

Between Geoff Ogilvy's gray rainsuit by Puma on Thursday and John Mallinger's and Phil's selections today, the head-to-toe color at Bethpage is gray. (Matches the skies.)

I like especially how Phil played the steel gray shirt with the charcoal pinstriped trousers. The difference in color and texture keeps things interesting. Mallinger went for a more solid all-graphite look in Travis Mathew, but was equally as successful. Both players chose to pair with black accessories, probably the only sensible choice besides white - which could be a very cool summer look.


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TXQ said...

Not knocking the Bible, at least not in this venue, but this has been The Grayest Story Ever Told.