Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Change of Plans...

(Photo courtesy of New Mexico Tech)

The Russian Open will be held this year, but the format will change slightly. Instead of a four-round medal play tournament with several million dollars in prize money played at Moscow's Le Meridien G+CC on Aug. 6-9, the event will now be held in Socorro, New Mexico and renamed the Elfego Baca Shootout. The lone "tee box" at the Elfego Baca Shootout is perched 2,550 feet above the hole and nearly three miles away. No news on which European Tour players will appear, but John Daly has already signed on. The winner will receive one "Race to Dubai" point, a $5 dollar Taco Bell card and endless bragging rights. At least the views are better...

In all seriousness, someone recently asked me: "What's with all these blurbs popping up about holes with dramatic elevation changes and guys hitting shots from mountains and stuff? Is it really that fun to hit a golf ball from way up above the target?" Answer: Yes. It's really f%^king fun. It's a lot like dropping a few in the middle of Fifth Ave and playing 'what can I break?' Although, that might get you in more trouble. Stick to safer pellets when playing in major urban areas. 

Okay, see ya. 


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Nada Klu said...

"Stick to safer pellets when playing in major urban areas."

Even if you use safer pellets I think you can still get in trouble and your case could be taken to a pellet court.