Wednesday, June 3, 2009

More live blogging...

(Image borrowed from the AP/Jay LaPrete)

Tiger picks up on 15. It's a small deluge out there now. Perry misses a short one on the same hole and skin carries over. Everyone has a skin in this group except K.P.

"You get to a certain age and everything is into the wind..." - Jack 

Tiger great shot at the par-3 16th. About 10-12 feet left for the bird. "Just like my 3 wood on the last..." he quips. Perry also hits the green, but has a ways to go for the 2. 

Great clip of Camilo struggling to get his Gator headcover off the driver. Furyk: "I'm sure you could find a few Ohio State fans who could help you with that..." Attention Buddy Alexander: Send more headcovers. 

Tiger for the skin...too low. Cink won't give him the putt for 4. "Something's wrong with my throat..." Tiger's response: "Priceless Stewie." I love Exhibition Tiger. 

Vijay is fighting for Kenny's title of Mr. Giggles. The big guy can't control himself on 17. 

Camilo misses his par putt at 17. Harrington needs to make his par to halve the hole with Furyk.  Paddy drills it. Hole halved. 

Best line of the day so far - Fan to Tiger on 17th tee: "I love your video game." Beats 'Get in the hole!' running away...

Great glimpse of Tiger and Jack talking fatherhood walking up 17. Jack asks Tiger if he's seen "Baby Mama..." (Didn't actually happen)

All players are hitting woods on the par-4 17th for their second shots, shows you just how wet it is. 

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Chief Plays-With-Sherlock said...

"Best line of the day so far - Fan to Tiger on 17th tee: 'I love your video game.' Beats 'Get in the hole!' running away..."

The video game's afoot.

And any line beats the ubiquitous "Get in the hole."