Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday Throwback

(Photo borrowed from The Ron Watts Private Collection)

Obviously we're doing the Bear this week. Kind of a cool juxtaposition with the Jesper photo. Jack had some big forearms. Reminds me of Paul Casey at address here. This is from a swing sequence in 1964. Jack was 24 and already owned 3 legs of the career Grand Slam. 


Nada Klu said...

Poor Jack.

Once again only a few spectators cuz the thongs are following Tiger.

Wait, My sister Naria is interrupting me, telling me I need to an an R.

Okay, so the thongs are following Tigerr.

Naria Klu said...

"Jack had some big forearms."

I'm guessing he had two, tops, but I'm more familiar with the younger players on tour.

As far as his owning three legs, I'd need to see a different angle.