Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Live Blogging

(Image borrowed from the AP/Jay LaPrete)

Tiger drops one from 25 feet at 13. Kenny Perry aka Mr. Giggles tosses Tiger's ball into the crowd. This is great. Tiger 2 skins to tie Jack. 

I notice PGA TOUR is live blogging as well - stiff competition. 

Very cool replays of Tiger's 2 unbelievable par saves at the 14th hole. 

Steve Flesch doing on-course interviews? I like the concept. Let's see how he does.  

Golf Channel, predictably, is giving a lot more air time to Tiger and Jack's group. 

Cink makes bird at 14. Tiger has a putt to halve...pulled it. Cink wins a skin. 

Spiderman makes a nice 15 footer for birdie at 15. Furyk pulls his 7 footer and Camilo wins another skin. "Takin' it to the vets..." says Flesch. 

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Chief Plays-With-Words said...

I'm glad to hear you're out blogging, and so far you're outblogging the PGA TOUR competition.

Plenty of holes to go, though, KC.

Don't play safe and sit on the lead. They can get uncomfortable.