Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Camilo Preview

(Photo property of PGA TOUR/J.Lindeberg)

For everyone out there highly anticipating the Camilo, Adam Scott, Sergio pairings in the first two rounds of the Open, this should whet your appetites. PGA Tour ran a preview, with the blessing of JL of course, of what Camilo will be sporting all 4 days at Bethpage. To call these golf polos "rock and roll" would be a hearty understatement. JL is sending a message to the rest of the apparel world: just try and keep up. 

It's really miraculous - the focus placed on apparel in the golf world these days. Five years ago we wouldn't have seen the Tour run this article and we wouldn't see Adidas running 'fan's choice' clothing promotions. It's especially important during a time when golfers are scaling back on equipment and apparel purchases for rock-solid organizations like the Tour to support the entire industry. I am happy to see that this is predominantly the case. 

Thanks to Shane C. for the tip!



Anonymous said...

Interesting! JL has hinted of moving in this direction but this is the first time you've seen some drastic changes in the line (I assume this will be a part of the Camilo line). I like the "The Stamp" and "The Stroke". It's about time that JL took the next move, it's been a bit stagnant (although still great). Thanks for the post KC.

Anonymous said...

Awesome... lets see if he makes it to Saturday and Sunday. This is not an easy track.

I think that should be taken care of first before he chooses a shirt. Its nice to see style getting a little more focus, but this could be a bust like Dan vs Dave at the '92 Summer Games.

TXQ said...

Lindeberg delivers bolo punch to polo bunch.

Don't fight it.

The Khaki Crusader said...

The top players usually have looks planned for the majors - ie: Ogilvy's black and white collection at the Masters - Tiger's wardrobes for the majors have been chosen since God knows when. It's part of the game. Like celebrities, it's tough to tell when someone has personal style when their clothing is being poured over and chosen beforehand. But I think the players who wear it best have a style that comes through and is undeniable - like Camilo.

Gus Groaner said...

Camilo's shirt is black and white and dreadful all over.