Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Gimme some skin!

(Image borrowed from the AP/Jay LaPrete)

I'm going to do some live-blogging from a slightly damp Memorial Skins Game, because it happens to be one of the cooler things I've seen in a while. Everyone is mic'd up so we get total access. 

-How about the Golden Bear drawing first blood at the 11th with 2 skins against Tiger, Kenny Perry and Stewart Cink? In Jack's words, he "killed an 8-iron in there..." 128 yards to 3 feet. 

-Camilo just canned one of the tougher bunker shots you can have on 12 - downhill, sidehill lie and the green sliding away towards the water - for 3 skins and 12k. 

-This is why the Skins games and other similar exhibitions are so fantastic - you get to hear Tiger be a wise-ass ("Those aren't good now boys...") Nicklaus take a few deep breaths before stroking a putt and Camilo laugh heartily at a shot he shouldn't have made. 

1 comment:

Y. Zass said...

Thanks for giving us the skinny, KC.

And don't be skimpy with the wiseass remarks.

I kinda like them for some reason.