Thursday, June 4, 2009

First Look: Abacus Golf

(Photos borrowed from Abacus Golf)

Rainwear has gotten so much better over the past few years, but save for RLX, Lindeberg, Adidas, Puma and maybe a few others - most rain suits are still pretty ugly. Even with some of the aforementioned brands, you only get a few color choices - black and navy come to mind. 

Abacus is a Swedish clothing company with golf at the core of its inspiration. When you punch in their website you may be thrown as a giant landscape of downtown Chicago and Lake Michigan appears; however you'll soon be greeted with a 2009 Solheim Cup logo and start to put the pieces together: Chicago is host city for the Solheim this year where Abacus will be the official provider for Europe's team. Got it. 

But I the rainwear! My first impression is almost of a Patagonia or a Cloudveil. This is a good impression, in fact for many years I wore a Cloudveil rain jacket on the course because the fit was more suited to my tastes. The Abacus Pitch jacket and pant come in several colors and are really nice looking pieces. I love the light green men's jacket pictured above. Fits are trim, "Euro" if you will, practically synonymous with better these days, and the features: plenty of pockets, sealed seams, extra long zippers on pants etc. are exactly what a golfer needs in trusty rainwear. 

I think consumers, especially my demographic, will appreciate not only the product, but the way Abacus presents itself as a brand: sophisticated without being stuffy, contemporary with a firm nod to tradition. The trailer romanticizes the allure of the urban landscape as well as the country golf club, making both look young, vibrant and exciting; not always an easy task for the latter. The soundtrack is very 'I'm shopping at Polo and I never want to leave...'

How to get your hands on Abacus rainwear and apparel in the States? Could be tough before the start of the Solheim Cup, but here's their listed rep: 

Jay Hubbard or Kelly Hubbard, Impact 1 Marketing 
Chicago, IL - 630.730.2955 


Anonymous said...

I played college golf with a kid, I can barely remember his name, I think it was Andrew Slocum. All he wears is rain gear, well the pants anyway. Its because of the elastic waist that can accommodate his ever growing belly. I think there is a big market gap in the elastic waist golf apparel. John Daly would wear it for sure.

TXQ said...

Not surprised a line called Abacus would have some nice numbers, but your description of its rainwear line reads like "Weathering Heights."