Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Mock(ery)

(AP Photo courtesy of John Raoux/Phelan M. Ebenhack)

I find it hard to believe guys are still wearing mock-necks. Jason Gore seems like one of the world's nicest individuals, but if I was his friend I'd buy him some collared shirts. At Bay Hill, Gore's "Canon" emblazoned tees looked foolish, especially paired with pleated trousers. He looks like a cell phone salesman. Gary Koch said it best during Sunday's telecast and I'll paraphrase: "I just can't get used to the collarless "muscle" shirts...call me a traditionalist, but I really believe guys should be wearing shirts with collars. " Amen. Chaulk it up to a bad Nike/Tiger trend. The worst part about it is, like Gore, several guys wear predominantly mock-necks now (Rocco etc.) and a large amount of apparel manufacturers make them. Lindeberg even made a mock neck Lachlan a few years ago. It's a bad trend. It needs to go away. Most private clubs I know won't allow you to play in a cotton t-shirt, but if that t-shirt is microfiber... This way to the first tee sir! It's absurd. I could understand if the 'bigger' guys on tour were wearing them because they have a slimming effect, but they don't. They instantly make your shoulders wider and you appear squatter. Trust me. Embrace the collar boys, love it. We at the KC just can't take it anymore.

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Ryan said...

I happen to love the mock-neck look....we at nugget.com embrace this trend and see it as a necessity to fit the rugged contours of our square frame. i think tiger looks great in the mock...for some people, collars just don't compliment their immesnse necks. i picked one up a few years ago and its my go-to when i'm out spraying noodles into traps and trees....its not just a look, it's a lifestyle!