Tuesday, March 10, 2009

More New JL from TrendyGolf.com

Micha rainwear pant in black
Nicolas pant in black

Nicolas in grey

Micha jacket in white

(All photos courtesy of TrendyGolf.com)

Just when you thought I'd blabbed all there was to blab about JL.....Some great new items for Spring just dropped in my lap. The Nicolas pant has a contrasting color waistband, a cool, sartorial feature that they say makes wearing a belt optional. Personally, I'd wear a belt as always, while enjoying the stripe in the privacy of my own home.
The Micha jacket and matching pants are a great rainwear option for the summer. They are lightweight and very stylish. Take the KC's advice and mix and match your pant and jacket (black pant, white jacket would be the better-looking option) to avoid looking like a ballboy at Wimbeldon. Between you and me, chicks will dig the Micha. Wear it to the bar after your round and wait for mayhem to ensue. Of course, it would help if your name is Camilo Villegas. If that is already the case, then thank your parents before going to said bar. Not sure where this is going...Go buy some rainwear....shut up...
Pick it all up at http://www.trendygolf.com/

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