Thursday, March 26, 2009

"Camilo Villegas dressed to win in J.Lindeberg!"

(Photos courtesy of J.Lindeberg/

All subscribers on the JL distribution list got an email with this title today. Frankly, I'm surprised they haven't sent this out sooner, but it's just a quick blurb detailing Camilo's success in 2008 and his rise to the top 10 in the world. It's pretty cool how a major apparel company sends out an email to all its worldwide customers and a golfer is the pitch man. It still feels foreign to me - golf being so mainstream. Sure Tiger is everywhere you turn, but other than that......Certainly speaks to the star power of a guy like Camilo. I guess I should get used to it. Anyways, I was pleased to see they rolled out a bunch of Troon trousers in various colors, you can get them on the EU Webstore, but not the US yet. I'm sure they'll pop up at various retailers here in the states soon. I know I put JL on here so much and I'm sure people get sick of it, but until other people start making great progressive golf clothing, where else is there to turn for a bloggin' golf junky with a hankering for sweet gear? I mean right? Yeh, that's what I thought...Step your games up. Wait until you see the Phineas stuff. Where JL has a touch of rock star in his clothes, Phineas Cole has a sprinkling of modern day aristocracy and even a little bit of f&*% you...

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