Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dressing your Body Type 2...

(Photos courtesy of AP/Matt York/Ross D. Franklin)

Polar opposite time - Geoff Ogilvy. For a guy of "only" 6'2'' when you see him out there, he looks much taller. Guess why? Because of how he wears his clothing. Those Puma shirts have the sleeves cut quite short, which gives him even more 'lank' in the arms and the 5 pocket pants he prefers are cut slim, especially at the base of the leg, yet still remain comfortable where it matters.
To me, no one dresses more like their personality/game than Ogilvy. He's equal parts meticulous and loose, serious and carefree. He's clearly got the icy edge, I mean 18-3 in match play against the world's best is evidence of that; at the same time he's that bright gent you might want to discuss free will with over a... i don't know... a Fosters?

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