Monday, March 16, 2009

God Bless Henrik Stenson

(Image courtesy of Getty Images/BBC Story )

As all golfers have or inevitably will, Henrik Stenson found himself with a playable lie in a water hazard on Thursday at the CA Championship. However, the ensuing rescue shots usually result in a muddy splash, leaving our well chosen apparel in shambles for the remainder of the round. Now we're all familiar with pros removing shoes and socks, rolling the trousers up to the knees etc. But Stenson, rather than soil his Hugo Boss, opted to remove all of it. Yes, all of it. As he put it: "Because of the mud I couldn't really afford to play in any of my clothes as they would have been a real mess down the last six or so holes so I had no option." A true KC response. I love this..."NO OPTION." So Henrik gives his best David Beckham pose (if Becks had a farmer's tan,) hits the shot and the rest is now history. Big stones, Henrik, big stones. Quite impressive. Side note: Rory McIlroy was faced with a similar shot this week, but thankfully we didn't have an early Saint Patty's surprise. I can see the headline now- Blinded by the Arse of an Irishman. Luckily (no pun) this isn't a trend the KC expects to continue...

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