Monday, March 16, 2009

Attention PGA Tour Officials: Ban "fat pants"

(Photos courtesy of AP/Wilfredo Lee/Brennan Linsley)

If you're a fit person, why would you want to look un-fit? Lee Janzen is damn fit for a guy in his late 40's, but in the above photo he looks like he accidently picked up Tim Herron's dry-cleaning...

I've always hated Tiger's clothing. The fit is really terrible. I mean if you're the best in the world wouldn't you want to dress like it? He's finally ditched the pleats, but still wears his pants like a member of MC Hammer's entourage. Why isn't Nike putting Tiger in similar designs to that of a Paul Casey or Trevor Immelman. For one day, I'd love to see what Johan Lindeberg would dress Tiger in. He'd look so much better. Tiger can bench 350, he shouldn't look like he weighs it. I recall an article a few years back, where JL commented on Tiger's floppy duds. Needless to say, he loathes them. Its gotten to the point where Tiger needs someone to step in and save him. Phil is cleaning your clock in the style section Eldrick, isn't that enough motivation to pick up a GQ? Even better, log on to the KC. See what you're missing!

Fans speak out: Ban "Fat pants" on TOUR!

I am the KC and I approve this message.

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