Monday, March 16, 2009

Simplifying Things

(Photos courtesy of AP Photo/ J. Pat Carter/Wilfredo Lee)

Like anyone who's into clothing, I re-evaluate my wardrobe every so often. Whenever I do this, I always find myself returning towards simplicity; turning down the volume on what I've been wearing and returning to the basics. I have a quirk that when I feel I've become lost in color, I'll wear a navy suit, mid blue shirt, navy tie and chocolate brown shoes. All the golfers I admire for their styles are ones that live by a seemingly similar mantra. If you watch a Camilo or a Luke Donald from week to week, you'll notice that they keep things very conservative and classic in terms of color and pattern. One piece is all you need to create the pop in an outfit and the details are what set these guys apart. The photos above of Sergio and Aaron Baddeley I've included, because these are players that over the years we've seen go very agressive with color and pattern. Sergio has really switched it up and kept things very crisp the past year or so. Badds still wears plaids quite frequently, but also has looks like this in his closet. Even Ian Poulter will tell you that some days he just wants to wear black trousers and a white golf polo. The fashion risks and the color become boring and frivolous if you're seeing them every round or every day. The balance is what creates a successful wardrobe. Today's lesson: if you find yourself overwhelmed, return to something simple - black or navy trouser, white or light blue golf polo. It will get you back on the right track - trust me.

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