Monday, March 9, 2009

Willie Mac

(All photos courtesy of the Associated Press)
I love seeing how guys from the same clothing stables can make the "look" of that brand remarkably different. To make my point, let's look at a guy like Willie Mac, Will MacKenzie vs. say, Camilo Villegas. (To put against Jesper would be too extreme) Willie and Camilo both wear many of the same J. Lindeberg pieces, but through the details and their personal styles, they carry them differently. There is no question that Camilo is regarded on tour as extremely fashion-forward, but Willie Mac? No. He's known more for his personality and his laid-back, surfer mentality. Strictly appearance wise, I can spot a few things that create these differences. Willie pairs his JL garments with Adidas shoes in very sporty models, Camilo favors Footjoy Classic Drys - a more elegant shoe, leather sole, etc. Also, Villegas may be wearing the same shirts as Willie, but he wears them smaller and he fills them out more, as he looks like he could bench-press a Buick. The list goes on, Camilo - trucker hats, Willie in ballcaps and Oakleys. Really though, personal style comes down to how your personality shines through what you're wearing, Camilo, while seemingly a great guy, is serious and focused, while Willie is known for that Jeff Spicoli attitude and it really makes all the difference when you dissect how two guys wearing the same shirts and trousers can appear so differently. Tell you what though, sartorially speaking - definite edge to Willie on the trouser fit. I love how slim and straight they're always tailored (bottom shot is the best example.) Whereas, Camilo prefers more of a flared leg. Also liked Willie's blacks and whites on Saturday with the red belt. Great example of a single vibrant accessory defining an outfit. Reminds me of, well....Camilo. Guess we've come full circle.
It is Monday, March 9th and I, as always, am the Khaki Crusader.

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