Thursday, March 26, 2009

What makes great golf clothing?

(Image Courtesy of Paul

When it comes to golf clothing, all golfers have their go-to brands. The golfer seeking a fashion forward or modern look might come to a J. Lindeberg, RLX or a Puma, while a golfer looking for a more classic appearance may opt for Polo RL, Peter Millar or Ashworth. When it comes down to personal taste, I've found that my favorite looks come from a combination of the two, a happy medium between progressive and classic that creates a style all it's own. That's what is unfortunate about sponsorship deals on Tour, because each brand has a look and each golfer paid to wear the clothing has to adhear to that ideal. There is very little mixing and blending of pieces and styles. When I search for golf clothing, I'm very open-minded. Much of the stuff I wear on the course aren't things I've bought as golf specific. One Easter, I went out for a morning 18 before going to a large family meal. I hadn't brought any golf pants/khakis with me, so I wore a pair of twill trousers that I was planning on wearing to the meal. Luckily, it was a dry day and the pants came away unscathed, so I threw on a sportcoat, dress shirt and tie - changed my golf shoes to loafers and downstairs I went. My father asked me, aren't those the pants you just wore to the course? I said they were. He was blown away a) that I had taken the risk of soiling the pants I'd have to wear later to a formal event and b) how good they still looked. That's a transitional piece and that is what I'm looking for. I like stuff I can wear in different scenarios. In this economic environment, I'm not buying as many new pieces, so I'm looking back at old favorites in new ways. Exploring the depths of my closet for alternate ways to wear things.

Anyways, all that rambling has a point; finding great golf clothing doesn't just occur in a pro shop or a golf retail or discount store or even department store. The everyday golfers I see are always adding to their personal styles with items they may have picked up in places they weren't expecting to go "golf shopping." In fact, the KC is throwing that phrase out all together.

This is why I am pleased to announce the first KC collaboration with a major clothing establishment known much more for it's prowess in the boardroom than on the links: the venerable Paul Stuart. Specifically, it's young Phineas Cole line; a collection aimed at the modern gentleman looking for a more aggressive and updated styling, infused with equal amounts of British and Italian flair. The KC, along with Phineas Cole, will interpret the sportswear portion of the collection in a new way: for the stylish golfer. I think you'll find that these lux pieces are just as fantastic on the course as in the clubhouse In fact, when I first saw the spring collection, I immediately thought, "This is what I've been looking for." I think its just different enough to garner some attention from the most discerning golf apparel customers. Its progressive without being space age, its classic without being tired...The twill pants I wore that Easter morning? They were Phineas Cole... It is worth taking a look.

The KC and Phineas will be presenting these golf looks in a expose to come and to be featured exclusively here on the Khaki Crusader. Please look out for it in the coming weeks.


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excellent analysis

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let Gai for astorblack take care of the golfing wears ;))))