Thursday, March 5, 2009

New Marketing

(Photos courtesy of and are property of Puma Golf)

I'm really liking some of the techniques golf apparel companies are using to market to the younger generation. Oakley, Puma and Trendy Golf, to name a few, have blogs that get pretty steady attention and updating. I was on Puma's today - it looks like it kicked off last week sometime - and liked the groundwork they're laying. They have a section on each fully sponsored Puma golf team member including some really high-quality photos, (great for spotting details on the clothing before you purchase) a summary talking about their preferred gear and a short blurb on their personal style. It's a good idea - I like that they're focused on the player with relation to their style and not just to their stats. Oakley's golf section is really cool - they have videos of Ian Poulter and Ricky Barnes and photos of Oakley-sponsored events, even the Oakley golf team hanging out with Marty Hackel. I'm not a huge fan of Oakley apparel (some of the shirts are cool) and I hate wearing sunglasses to play golf, but all that withstanding, go Oakley! It seems to me like they kind of kicked off the whole blog as a marketing tool thing at least in this realm. I will say they are progressive as hell when it comes to keeping it on the cutting edge. Anyways, you should check these blogs out - I've included the best Puma photos above, so really I've done the legwork for you. Maybe you can just stare twice as long at my blog instead of going to Puma's. If only I sold clothes, I have a million ideas I tell you...but you knew that.


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