Friday, May 29, 2009

Give 'em (s)hell boys

(Photo borrowed from the Associated Press, J.D. Pooley)

There's puka shell necklaces on the golf course again. Must be NCAA D1 Men's finals time. Something tells me you wouldn't need those SC logos to figure out where Tom Glissmeyer (above) is from. (Hint: surf's up) This is already a sh*tty post. 
At the KC we love college golf, there's something so pure about it. We always wanted to play D1, but our bulging social schedules left barely enough room for a D3 program. Cue the waves of nostalgia. They'll pass, they always do...OSU Cowboys on top at Inverness going into Friday's final day of medal play.  



Nada Klu said...

He may have a puka necklace but he sure doesn't have a puka face.

I can tell from here that he just misread a putt.

Naria Klu said...

I have that look after every putt.

Not to mention my woods and irons.

Even my ball retriever's inaccurate.

Anonymous said...

Is he like 16 and going to see a DMB show? I bet if the pic was of his feet he would have on Birkenstocks.