Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Old News

(Photos borrowed from the Associated Press)

Taking in some of the third round coverage of the Byron Nelson on Saturday, I was surprised when Gary McCord and several others made quite the point to discuss John Mallinger's "western"/jean style pants. (Above, below) Now, I love when apparel is discussed on air, but hasn't the golf world been conditioned to these 5 pocket designs by now? After the buzz of Justin's trousers at the '08 Masters (above, top) everyone is making them and most of the young guys have at least given them a go-round. Not sure if McCord was more fishing for a line (he made a crack about the size of the back pockets) or if he was actually oblivious to how many players wear them. "Most guys just reach for a pair of gabardines" just isn't true anymore - we aren't talking about the Champions Tour. If commentators are discovering this for the first time, great...but make note of it. We need our trusty voices clued in not only to trends in play and statistics, but also to trends of the aesthetic nature. If you've ever watched TV golf coverage for 5 hours straight, you'll quickly learn that visuals like what the players are wearing become major talking points in a sport where the walking and standing far outnumber the actual 'athletic' movements. 



Tom Quinn said...

A guy like Gary McCord can gab about gabs, but when he flirts with 5-pockets he's placing himself behind the eight-ball.

And he can't read the seams.

Alas, his McCorduroy pants line rubbed us all the wrong way and got its walking papers on the practice tee.

Last sentence a fabrication.

One-Eyed Golfer said...

Here is a shot of McCord in 'cargo pants' in 2003. http://www.life.com/image/2086665

He always was ahead of the curve. As a matter of fact, I think he introduced Dockers to Tom Lehman, Bart & Brad Bryant, Duffy Waldorf, Woody Austion, et al.

Dockers is a Scandinavian word meaning, "does not look good regardless of what size you wear or what you wear it with..."