Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Meet the ICON

(Image borrowed from Footjoy.com and Property of Getty/Cannon Images)

Footjoy's new flagship shoe the ICON is officially in play on the PGA Tour. Many of FJ's best (Davis, Camilo, Ian, David Toms) were showing off the new shoe at the Players, like Ian's asymmetrical white design above. The shoes will officially be available to the public mid-summer according to reps at FJ, and are available for pre-order on the website.

Footjoy, in designing the ICON, planned on incorporating many of the best features of its current shoe lineup into a sort of super shoe. According to FJ VP Jack Erickson, the ICON takes styling cues on the uppers from the former Classics while utilizing superior water-proofing from the DryJoys line and fit and stability features from the SYNR-G's. The Frankenstein of golf shoes if you will. You can read the interview with Erickson, aka the "Classic Killer" here. (That's a joke Jack)

Footjoy will offer 19 styles in some combination of white, black or brown and then the fun part begins: You'll be able to unleash your inner Picasso on the ICON in the MyJoy creation studio. Clearly, this was the intent all along - getting a full customization option for FJ's top of the line shoe, which will put FJ undisputedly at the forefront once again, where they feel most comfortable.

The name of the game with the ICON is a little something for everyone; a classically engineered, traditionalist friendly shoe with just enough modern bells and whistles to satisfy the technology crazed set. A shoe that all generations can enjoy equally and hey, it's 100 bucks cheaper than the Classic - so it's recession friendly as well.

So I guess you probably want to know what we think of the ICON? First reaction was one of excitement, I love how many all white designs are offered in the stock lineup - the shield toe/wingtip all white is really cool. However, we already miss the rich brown leather soles of the Classic, the soles on these are a bit too reminiscent of the Classic Tour for us, which we honestly never liked. The "last" appears sleeker than the Classics, which is a nice change, but we really have to put on a pair before we go making early calls...Also, can someone please let Footjoy know that the BOA laceless system and it's horrific dial-a-fit nub should not be allowed anywhere near the backs of their top shoe.

Check out all the links above and drop us a line at the KC, we'd like to take stock on what our readers think of FJ's new darling.


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