Saturday, May 9, 2009

PGA Tour/Adidas Over Par with Clothing Promotion

(Borrowed from AP Photo/Phil Coale)

Sergio shot 73 while wearing the fan's choice outfit (above) on Friday at the Players Championship. That was the high point...

As most of you know at the beginning of the year, the PGA Tour and Sergio's apparel sponsor, Adidas, coupled to allow fans to choose the outfit Sergio would wear in Round 2 of the Players. The looks they picked were a far cry from some of the more 'exciting' things El Nino has sported over the years and the end result was a bit of a bore. We at the KC highly doubt that anyone was jumping off the couch at home, going "that's my outfit dad! i picked that!" Sergio has pajamas more thrilling than this.

The idea was a good one, but with the way Serg has been playing, Adidas was probably wishing they put him in head to toe polka dots to spike some interest. Let's work on ratcheting up the excitement guys. Maybe you should pick Jesper or Camilo or even big JD next time - given John's recent sartorial choices, that could be a lot of fun for a lot of people. How about "If Phil enters the final round of a major as the leader, he HAS to wear the white belt?" We live dangerously here at the KC...Lets mess with people's lives.

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no-bama term of the apocalypse said...

You could not have said it better - this was the least exciting outfit sergio has ever sported, not that anything will make him smile these days anyway.