Monday, May 11, 2009

My parents went to Sawgrass and all I got was this @#$&in' t-shirt...

(All Photos except Byrd (Getty Images) borrowed from AP/Phil Coale/J. Pat Carter)

A few quick sartorial observations from the "5th Major":

-Henrik Stenson is the KC's type of Players Champ. Not only is Stenson always a crisp and classic dresser (he wears white as well as anyone out there, even Camilo) but we just can't forget how he, rather than muddying his well-chosen ensemble, opted to have the entire world see him in his skivvies. This is the mark of a true clothing lover and reserves him a special spot in the heart of the KC team. Congratulations on a fantastic final round Henrik. Want a cut of pant to emulate? Go with Stenson's. They're always perfect.  

-Camilo has been doing alot of solids recently, but in 3 of 4 rounds at Sawgrass, he wore different patterned and striped polos from JL's summer collection. (stripe, argyle, drip) I liked the striped polo on Day 1 the best, I actually saw this on a table downstairs at the Lindeberg store in NYC last week and made a mental note, as the shirt is really a bit different from what we've been getting from JL and I liked the sophistication of the multi-colored striped styling.

-Jonathan Byrd got decent airtime this weekend. I know it's hard to appear anything but iconic in Polo Golf, but I was especially pleased with how Byrd paired looks this week. The way a RL crisp cotton trouser hits a black or brown saddle FJ Classic DP - pure art. 

-Poulter's 2nd place finish kept him in the spotlight. Tim Rosaforte mentioned that Poulter packed 8 white golf shirts for the week, because of the 100 plus degree heat. Are the warm temperatures kryptonite to golf's loud trouser/bright color-sporting Superman?



PT3 said...

Stenson's gear was awesome on sunday, credit hugo boss. KC, any comment on Ben Crane? I actually didn't mind his RLX getup on sunday was a nice shirt compared to others..

The Khaki Crusader said...

Loved Ben's shirt PT3. Not sure when he switched to RLX, but great change. The green shirt both he and Luke wore was a personal favorite. Last I knew he was wearing pants from Tony Q'aja.