Monday, May 4, 2009

Quail Hollow in the KC's eyes...

(Photos courtesy of the Associated Press/Gerry Broome/Chuck Burton)

1) Phil shoots another abysmal number while wearing the white belt in Saturday's third round. Prompts the entire CBS crew to discuss the belt and Jim Nantz to ask if everyone is conspiracy-theorizing against the white belt... Possibly the first time  so much attention has been paid to attire on Tour coverage. (Save for when Johnny Miller gleefully reports that Badds or Camilo "is dressing just like me!") Phil doesn't seem ready to retire the "full cleveland" to the closet just yet...although he has got to be thinking he'll keep it away from the majors.    

2) Sean O'Hair, a very convincing win. After flopping at the Arnie Invite, he made it happen down the stretch at the Quail. (2 closing bogies couldn't hiccup the victory.) One of the first things we noticed here at the KC is that O'Hair has ditched his Adidas shirts in favor of golf polos by Ashworth. In the final round, we liked the soft grey trousers (sans pleats, thank god) that O'Hair was sporting, but the shirt made us wince. Heres to hoping Ashworth has a positive influence on the sometimes stylishly challenged young man. 

3) Danny Lee, highest finish in a Tour event yet. At 17, you've got to expect big things from the Korean-born New-Zealander. 

4) Tiger. We give him alot of crap at the KC for his lack of knack in the sartorial department. But dammit, we really liked his 3rd round look. The man looked like the golf professional he is in a purple polo with soft blue stripes and a rich brown belt. (We hate Tiger's omni-present black gaucho belts) Granted, Eldrick could probably fit all 14 major trophies in those oversized pants of his, but maybe he needs the extra space for his oversized wallet. Bet you didn't think of that, did you? Now, how do you feel?



Anonymous said...

Sean O'Hair is the worst dressed player on tour. HANDS DOWN. Have you ever seen this guy in person? Hes about 6'11 and 120 lbs, gumby has a better body than he does. But he always sports the dockers that make you think of MC Hammer they are so huge. Sean has also been known to sport shoes that look like sneakers, not a good look with your wrinkle free dockers. Reminds me of the guys who come into the office in a suit and sneakers, then change into real shoes.

Anonymous said...

Any chance of getting a look at some Tiger "Then" and "Now." I watched some old coverage on the Golf Channel from 1998 this weekend and not only did he look tiny but his pants seemed even bigger and sweater vest looked like a PFD. Good post, liked the recap.