Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Throwback: Socks

(Photo borrowed from Photos on the Fairway)

Golf is unique in the fact that it is a sport and a game where its participants can choose from the entire worldly spectrum of hoisery, from dark wool or cotton dress socks, to argyle and check patterns all the way to white or black sport peds. While Phil Mickelson may choose a dark dress sock, a Poulter or Villegas usually chooses a sportier cut - it is all about preference. 

At the KC we've worn every type of sock imaginable to play golf, cashmere, wool, cotton - you name it. Whatever we have on hand is what we're wearing. For the amateurs who play in shorts, the decision is really as simple as crew or ped (in black or white) while those golfers playing in trousers have a wider range of colors and fabrics to choose from. 

Julius Boros in the above photo displays what we feel to be one of the best looking combinations out there: neutral trouser, all white pristine shoe with the contrast of a dark sock - Preferably a charcoal gray or midnight blue. The white shoe with the dark sock is so elegant and makes a statement without using color or pattern. We really could go on for days about it.

Socks are a very personal item. They can tell people as much or as little about you as you care to display. Make no mistake that in golf it is an important choice: every time you swing, the world will see your socks. 


---The KC's favorite you ask? Marcoliani Milano cotton socks and Footjoy peds. The former for trousers, the latter for wearing with shorts. 


Anonymous said...

When it comes to socks let's not forget the famous sartorial golf "icon", Doug Sanders, who had his socks dyed to match his outfits! If you like matching colors, you've got to love that guy!!! Check this photo out; three tones all perfectly matched from head to toe (love the shoes)!

Anonymous said...

yes, doug was anything but shy. the all mint ensemble at the masters was a keeper. those shoes are the color of limited edition nikes i see people wearing downtown.