Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Imada suggestions...

Ryuji's newest thing is wearing headgear that pops. They're always complimentary in color to the rest of his look, but never matchy. (You know we can't stand that.) I'll say it again and again, but the reason why Ryuji gets top billing is because he experiments. He tries different color combinations, he introduces new items of clothing into the mix, new details that other guys aren't utilizing...I'm not sure if it's the Japanese influences, but he has perfected the balance of sporty/preppy/tech which is kind of the ideal for a young fashion-forward golfer.  

A note on the red visor photo above from a practice round for this week's Players: This pairing of bold red with soft blue - I've seen it done several times now and I think it's a fantastic look. Lindeberg styled a few of its models for the 2009 S/S golf apparel with vibrant red shirts and light blue trousers and I noticed, but then when I saw Ryuji taking it to the course this week in a similar ensemble, I had to mention it. The way Ryuji has done it above, I like better, as the white polo balances the equation a little and keeps the look from looking too bright. 

If you take any inspiration away from Ryuji's style, it has got to be the idea that nothing is off limits, if you're wearing the same fits, you can experiment with little details: a funky belt, a different style pant - and it will blend effortlessly into the rest of your closet. 



PT 3 said...

He's showing some solid style - but camillo is still crushing the style game to me - what happened to sergio and his loud yellow and red belts?

The Khaki Crusader said...

Agreed on camilo PT3. the guy can really do no wrong. but ryuji is the only guy close and not wearing JL - a pretty decent disadvantage.