Friday, May 29, 2009

Finding Mr. White

(Photo borrowed from the Associated Press, Donna McWilliam)

Anthony Kim undoubtedly wears white trousers more than anyone else on Tour. (Camilo is probably in second.) Here at the KC we not only like it, but dammit we respect it...We just wish those Nike polos were a little less Roland Garros and a little more Colonial CC. Ya know? Scroll to the photo and look at Kim from the waist up. Screams tennis to me. The mesh webbing on the hats, the space age back detailing on the polos...I guess that's kind of the direction many apparel brands are going - Nike, Adidas, Puma - it's all Lindeberg's fault for introducing sweatbands to the golf course and making these guys think golf is a real sport. Hrumph. 


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txq said...

Moving white along ... I can recommend a specialist who'd remove that cyst in no time. No scar.

He's a great left-shoulder guy.