Monday, November 30, 2009

Oh! Mega Bright...

(All photos the property of the Associated Press)

It's a wonder that players in the Omega Mission Hills World Cup made it through security at the airport - they were packing some serious heat... 

Bright trousers reigned supreme in China where guys like Jamie Donaldson of Wales (top) and Jyoti Randhawa (2nd from top) of India made Poults and Fisher's coordinating IJP trousers look frighteningly cautious. 

Winners in the pants parade, you ask? Inconclusive. John Daly could not be reached for comment... The event was won by Italian brothers Molinari e Molinari - meanwhile the Swedes - Stenson och Karlsson - wore their trousers like proper Italians, looking brilliant in the fit department, as always. 


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