Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Cold Shoulder

(Photo the property of Getty Images)

I'm assuming a bunch of you golfers out there wear compression tops/thermal layers under golf polos on cold days... If so, would any of you wear these Nike Thermal Sleeves AK was sporting in New Zealand? (Above.) 

I wouldn't be caught dead in these things. a.) There are so many stylish cold-weather options for golf and b.) Let's be honest, I'd rather freeze to death than wear an arm condom. Walter Hagen is rolling over in his grave. 



Ottawa Golf Blog said...

Here in Canada we'll pretty much wear anything that will keep us warm until the season ends. This Nike thermal really doesn't do anything for me.

Alan said...

seems uncomfortable, but innovative nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

About as much use as a chocolate tea pot!

klehrkeyes said...

I think nike is trying to make AK into golfs AI

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't wear them, but I can understand their utility. They allow one to more easily adapt to quickly changing conditions without going through the effort to pull-on and remove a thermal underlayer. Could be particularly helpful in coastal conditions, like those at Cape Kidnappers, where wind can have such an effect on ambient temperature, yet it's not actually true "cold weather" conditions.

HTBATG said...

No way. Isn't that what Allen Iverson wears on the court. Walter is rolling over Sean!