Friday, November 6, 2009

Second-Half "Looks of the Year"

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It's that time again...Time to present the KC's Looks of the Year - 2nd Half Edition. We're talking piles and piles of pima and polyester here. Cotton and wool, wool and cotton, these looks are gone, but not forgotten. (Beautiful, we know...) The second half of the season was a little disparaging apparel-wise, but there were some bright spots. An unexpected masterpiece was Tom Watson at Turnberry in iconic numbers from Polo and who could forget the ping-pong match of classic pieces at the Presidents Cup? Ryo Ishikawa and Ian Poulter kept our eyes popping as always and new additions Fowler and Lovemark gave us something to look forward to in Scottsdale. Anyways, let's get right into it. 

Nominee #1: Rory McIlroy. Dunhill. We love Rory, but he has struggled in the past with his dress. One thing we do like, however, is Rory never looks overdone - he's retained that "amateur" look. This, to us, is the most realistic pro outfit we've seen. Cotton-corduroy 5-pocket trousers and cashmere zip-neck - easy, comfortable, stylish. Look at the clean lines created down his side from such well-fitting stuff. We all should be dressing like this for fall golf. 

Nominee #2: Luke Donald. Madrid Masters. THIS is why MyJoys Icons were created. To me, this look is near perfection. 

Nominee #3: Greg Norman. Opening Ceremonies - The Presidents Cup. No one looked better in a suit that day then El Capitan, himself. 

Nominees #4 and #5: Tom Watson. Days 1 and 2, The British Open. The pinnacle of the 2009 apparel season were Polo's duds for Watson's historic run. The golf was fairly good, too. 

Nominees #6 and #7: United States Team. International Team. Saturday and Sunday at The Presidents Cup, respectively. Argyle was on fire in the Bay Area - Watching the evolution of these team looks is a real pleasure. Can't wait for Ryder Cup 2010. 

Nominee #8: Jamie Lovemark. Open. It's all about the accessories and the fit here. It's a slight case of "what have you done for me lately," but this was a real favorite. 

Nominee #9: Will MacKenzie. PGA Championship. Camilo wore this JL shirt - one of my favorites I bought last spring - earlier in the year with an all-black ensemble. Willy chose a couple of the many multi-colored stripes (gray and white) on the shirt and paired slacks and belt accordingly. Classic example of JL. 

Nominee #10: Phil Mickelson. The Tour Championship. Phil gets a blue ribbon for this one.(The nipple shot is insignificant...I think.) Fantastic color polo paired with the very fine stripe trouser is sporty yet elegant. I could wear this on the course every day. 

We will follow this up, as always, with an Honorable Mention section. Looking forward to responses from you all...



Chapeau Noir Golf said...

My vote must go to Tom Watson, day two at The Open. The pinstripe is sublime.

Dano said...


No contest.

Anonymous said...

willy mac is a sweet dude

Pipes said...

Willy Mac. Not a huge fan of shades on the course but he can totally pull it off - especially with a little flow jungle coming out of the back of his hat. Gives off a rad vibe. He uses simple colors for an all around effortlessly sweet look.

Anonymous said...

Luke Donald by a country mile! Luke uses conventional pieces with a sleek modern twist. It's easy to stumble upon the odd nice outfit, but Donald does it day after day. Rarely if ever, does he get it wrong. he is not a big man, but his clothes always fit as they should. English reserve with a natural flair for style. A true gentleman in every sense of the word!

Anonymous said...

Honorable mention must surely go to Luke Donald for his black ensemble topped with a cashmere stewart plaid vest, which he displayed admirably at The Open Championship. A nod to history, without wearing the Ronald McDonald style tartan trousers displayed by some of his well meaning counterparts.

klehrkeyes said...

argyle sweaters is the look that seems to be peppered on this list. I leave argyle to the socks. Certainly a bold move but for me the fall outfit i rock is dark navy long sleeve polo, khakis, burgundy navy grey argyle socks, white fjs. ill take a picture this weekend if i conquer the flu

Anonymous said...

LOVEMARK. Not really close. Style, simplicity, a clean James Bond look.

Fancy Pants said...

#1 - Watson and the chalk-stripe trousers. Classic, a person of any age could have worn that outfit and have been considered stylish in any year of the past century.

#2 - Luke Donald. Color, fit.

#3 - Rory. Nice job on the cords.

Would have thrown Norman on here except for the late nineties Regis combo of light blue solid tie and shirt.