Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thigh Society?

(Photo the property of the Associated Press)

Tiger pumps iron...A he has big thigh muscles. He uses this excuse for wearing extremely full-cut pants and we've heard he rarely attends fitting sessions for team events like the Presidents Cup. Really disappointing. I pictured him saying to the Elevee rep before the matches - "Just send me the usual, you know...a nice happy medium between MC Hammer and Barnum & Bailey..."

This shot does a great job of showing just how big the bottom openings are on Tiger's trousers. He could really go much slimmer throughout with some tapering down through the base and he'd look much taller and more striking out there on the fairways. It's one of those things that keeps us up at night - wanting to get the Greatest Player Ever into a pair of slacks that fits...I guess we're in the right business. Call us, Tiger.



Anonymous said...

Thigh Society is gross.

Anonymous said...

I believe I can thigh

Anonymous said...

Aah . . Tigers trousers! (Pauses slightly, while shaking head) Where does one begin? The talented Mr Woods has a golf game to die for. He has earned a fortune. His beautiful wife is the envy of many. The property portfolio, the cars etc. All of which make him the modern icon he is today! . . However, a fashion icon he will never be. Those trousers are the stuff of nightmares. . Just imagine how many pairs he must own in that self same style? . . Every Hero has a weakness, normally he just doesn't wear them!