Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Just Pleat It?!

Well, it's official...pleats are cool again. At least judging by the golf-style barometer that is J. Lindeberg. At last check, pleats have really made a full-on departure from the ranks of pros and hackers alike...at least under the age of 50. Hell, even Tiger Woods - seemingly bulletproof to trends in golfwear - rocks flat-fronts and has for several years. 

I'm not quite sure how I feel about the infusion of pleats into the game again for the younger player. I mean, a single pleat looks okay on a younger guy if the trouser is cut well and the width of the leg is slimmer - avoiding the "sack" effect seen on the sartorially-challenged. Sean O' Hair is a guy who comes to mind - he has worn a trimmer cut pant with a single pleat and looked fine. 

The good thing about the JL Trivone AMF Chic pant, pictured above and available spring 2010, is that the double pleats are subtle and shallow and don't do much at all to affect the overall character of the trouser.
In fact - as you can tell from the shot on the model - they're barely noticeable. 
As mentioned in the Polo RL preview, Polo Golf has some great traditional pleated offerings that call to mind the heritage of the game - and legends like Hagen and Hogan (above) - in terms of materials and styling.  

It also must be noted that golf apparel is following directly in step with the re-emergence of pleats in casual wear. They say that if what you're wearing happens to be 'out' of style, just wait...Fashion is cyclical and just like that white belt you wore in the 70's is still teetering on the plateau of 'hip,' your pleated slacks now qualify you as ahead of the curve...That being said, please make sure they fit...Like a glove. And don't go ordering those triple-pleated Elevee nightmares either. 

In fact, if you've been wearing flat-fronts, stay there for now... It took us long enough to get looking better on the greens and like JL's mini-pleats, it may be best to take baby steps. If you need a bit of advice on spring gear, don't hesitate to email us. 

In closing: If there's a pleat parade coming through town, team KC won't be falling in step anytime soon...

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TXQ said...

I vote for five-pleated pants. Yeah, I'm pleating the fifth.