Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Winter Awakening: Abacus Golf

Why is it that the Swedes just consistently 'get it'? Rarely do we beseech our readers into action, but if you have even the vaguest interest in golf, clothing, or both - you HAVE to go to the Abacus website and look through their collection pages and download the Autumn/Winter catalog. Rarely have we been so inspired. 

The clothing is presented in this beautiful, pure and sporty way that calls immediate comparison to a Ralph Lauren or other lifestyle brand. Some of the looks they've put together for golf are just so cool and so unlike what most Americans typically picture when they think "golf apparel." The photography is also top-notch. 

There are so many ways to differentiate yourself on the course and a good place to start is getting some layering and accessory inspiration from Abacus. Check out the pieces we've featured above - they don't look like golf pieces - they look like upscale casualwear with a very urban and modern sensibility. 

The Swedish Abacus is currently available in Canada, but is beginning to trickle into the US after the Solheim Cup in 2009, where they were the outerwear provider for the European side.

We're trying to lock down someone from Abacus for some more information on the origin of the products and what they have planned for their North American expansion. 


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Matthew said...

Not to be confused with Abacus Gallery of Freeport, Jared's former employer.