Friday, October 30, 2009

Where Fashion Sits?

(Photo the property of The Associated Press)

There is some argument over who stated that 'a picture is worth a thousand words,' but no altercation involving the absolutely perfect proportions in this shot of AK. The trouser sits nicely on the shoe - "sittin' on the swish" as I kiddingly refer to it. I know it's a Nike swoosh, but it sounds much better when I sing it that way. Yes, I said 'sing...' 

Meanwhile, the sleeves are, for my taste, perfect. It's so satisfying to witness a complete look that fits so well and is pleasing to the eye. Usually the shirt works, but the pants suck or the pants are nice and the polo is billowy, etc. Everything is in a nice little package here proportionally.  

A lot of companies blast you with color like a finger-painting kindergartner, demanding "Look what we did!" - but forget all about how the garment wears and sits. Now, I'm not in love with these Nike items, styling-wise, but you simply cannot deny the fit. I guess that's where fashion sits...Hmm?


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