Friday, October 2, 2009

Cat(ch) Us if You Can?

(Photo the property of Getty Images)

I've got Puma on the brain today. First of all, I was just perusing Golfweek and, upon seeing a photo of Walker Cup hero Rickie Fowler, I promptly thought, "whoever signs this kid to wear their stuff is making a great move..." Fowler is a radical motherf**ker. Best-thing-since- Wonderbread type of creds... 

Then, after noticing that Puma Golf was on Gilt Group today (polos for 28 bucks!!) I went over to the PG blog and was greeted with a post informing me that the marketing impresarios at Puma had already inked Rickie to a deal. Refer back to "Fowler is..."

I'm really looking forward to seeing the S/S 2010 Puma stuff. We've got our feelers out to the ladies at Puma, so don't go too far out into the wild world of the web without checking back in with your boys at the KC. 

Check out this YouTube video of Rickie getting a serious welcome wagon from the kind folks over at Puma Golf. Thanks to Will. 

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