Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday Makeover: Spencer Levin

(Photo the property of The Associated Press)

Spencer had a lot of attitude when he burst on the scene in the 2004 US Open at Shinnecock. The little dude had steam coming out of his ears after a poor putt, chain smoking and wowing crowds with impressive shotmaking on golf's toughest setup. You'd think that as a pro, the charisma he displayed in that oversize visor and flipped collar would translate to a personal style second-to- none. Well, at JT's Shriners event in Vegas, the only thing stylish about Spencer was his first round 62 - his clothing was the fashion equivalent of a big, wet divot. 

His trousers appear to be garden variety khakis and they fit pretty horribly. Spencer is slight enough to wear a slim golf trouser and look really sharp. Last I knew, he was wearing Dunning, but he's in Adidas here so maybe things are currently up in the air. In any event, he needs to visit a decent tailor or pick up an off-the-peg, trimmer pair like JL's Nicolas or RLX's Green pant. 

The whole look is bland and lacks punch - inject some much-needed color with a bold shirt or texture with a patterned/striped dark trouser. 

Spencer is a 20-something in a old man's gaucho belt. It looks like he picked it up at on the discount rack at Larry's Golf Universe. Get that man a thicker and more youthful offering - if he's with Adidas now, they should have him in the "3-stripe" silver buckle - he needs to be wearing a belt like eventual winner, Martin Laird. (59 Belts, Scottish Flag)

Bottom Line: Friends don't let friends wear bad clothes. Spencer, call us, buddy. The KC is always open. No need to drop the ball on your wardrobe choices next time...(Yes, that's an alternate headline for the above photo.) 


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