Monday, October 26, 2009

Slow and Trendy Wins the Race?!

The European Tour's equivalent of the FedEx Cup is the season-long Race to Dubai, which wraps in several weeks. In commemoration of the event, companies like Ralph Lauren and Puma have designed limited edition apparel and accessories that showcase the RTD logos.

The coolest, in our opinion, are the Puma Swing Crown GTXs pictured above - available only from your pals at

Done in white and silver - with blue lining and the Dubai skyline on the heel - these bad boys are sure to stand out at the club. Geoff Ogilvy, Johan Edfors and the rest of the fellas will be sporting these at the European Tour's finale, November 19-22 in Dubai.

Sneaker-heads who happen to be golfers are going to be into items like this and we're glad to see companies recognizing that. Puma definitely goes for that edgier demographic and tries to incorporate a streetwear feel to their golf collection. This kind of attitude is especially popular in Europe...and with Rickie Fowler having a big weekend, Puma is looking pretty strong on US soil as well.

You could go as far as saying we're pretty bullish on the Cat right now...


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Fancy Pants said...

Little hokey to me, but in defensive of the golfers, anything that makes those Dubai guys happy, can only mean more money for everyone involved!