Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"Layyyer Brah"

You know all those fall layering techniques you're seeing in the magazines and on the streets? You can most certainly bring them to the golf course. Lots of apparel manufacturers are seeing the importance of transitional pieces for the golf course that can easily take you to the clubhouse and beyond - creating a truly 'lifestyle' collection. Two of the best at this are J. Lindeberg and Ralph Lauren...No shocker given their menswear pedigrees. 

I was messing around in the JL showroom this morning and put together an example of a pairing I utilize quite often for cooler morning temps on the course. The quilted jacket/tech vest/polo combination. The jacket gets thrown on as you leave the house, keeps you warm on the way to the course and perhaps, on the practice tee. The jacket then comes off to give you room to rip that first drive down the center, leaving your core warm in the tech vest. The vest may well stay on the entire round during the fall, or you may opt to stuff it in your bag as the round goes on.

The great thing about layering with zippered garments, like above, is you're never pulling something over your head. Golfers are a superstitious bunch and if they open with a few birdies, may not want to remove that sweater or other item for fear of jinxing the hot start. It's easier to slip out of something than commit to the removal of the hat, sunglasses, etc. Just a thought...

There are several other combinations you could mix in here. A cardigan could replace the tech vest, as could a V-neck sweater. You could even replace the outer jacket with a V-neck sweater, keeping the vest underneath like Luke Donald did at the Masters this past year. (Netting him an honorable mention for KC's Best Midseason Look, might I add...) 

This segues us nicely into Ralph Lauren RLX, you can see several of their takes on layering here, in my preview of spring/summer 2010. I was, as always, very impressed with the lightweight layering pieces RL had in store for next year, they practically invented this stuff on U.S. soil. 

You can buy all this stuff online or at a fine golf retailer nearest you...I've always wanted to say that. 




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